Blueberry Gelato Vape Juice

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Blueberry Gelato Vape Juice does more than pleasing your taste buds. It also delivers all the famed benefits of hemp-extracted  CBD. This is a chance to infuse CBD into your daily health and wellness routine in a flavorsome way.

This vape juice provides calming effects and is a great way to unwind after a long day. The irresistible blueberry and cream notes will have your thoughts calmed as you enjoy the relaxation and other benefits of vaping high-quality CBD.

Blueberry Gelato vape juice delivers a wide range of active CBD potencies in a 15ml bottle, which is convenient enough to carry around with your vaping devices. It is available in 250mg, which is the least potent version, excellent for starters.

Other potencies are 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg for experienced users and those who prefer more potent CBD dosages. Choose the best potency for you based on the level of benefits you require, your experience with vaping, and your tolerance to CBD.

All in all, there is a blueberry gelato vape juice strength available for everyone.

Bottle Size (ml) 250
Brand Funky Farms
About the Brand Funky Farms USA
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