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Best enjoyed; here and now.  Most needed; in meetings that could have been emails.  Our organically grown CBD vape pens are shortcuts to the ideal state of mind, delivering just the right amount of what you need to energize, calm, and focus your mind in the moment.

What’s Present:
250mg CBD and an expertly crafted profile of terpenes.

When To Use:
When you’ve had a day that feels like a week.

Where We’re Made:
100% Hemp-derived CBD organically grown and extracted in Colorado.

CBD PENS WILL NOT BE SOLD ONLINE SOON DUE TO PACT ACT. * Limit 6 pens per order.* Updated July 12, 2021.


1. *Inhale* Hold for 3-5 seconds.

2. Think about your happy place.

3. *Exhale* You're already there.

4. Repeat for more mindfulnes

About the Brand With an emphasis on science, a disregard for cost-cutting Ingredients, and one belief: that anyone who tries our products will notice a difference and embrace their new found quality of life. From anxiety experienced on flights to sore joints after a fifth triathlon, we're here for all of it. Our products are made according to your body and the benefits are consistent. With less of the bad, you can focus on the good: your alignment, productivity, mind fullness, and presence in the moment. Welcome to the best version of yourself, and our version of a better world.
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