The New Era Of CBD – CBD Face Mask – CBD Water Pack Face Mask

The New Era Of CBD – CBD Face Mask – CBD Water Pack Face Mask

CBD beauty has been the latest beauty trend and the talk on every lip. From moisturizer creams, lip balms, serums to sunscreens this new beauty trend is transforming many lives. Who knew that CBD face masks could also explode and be the new normal? This no longer a secret in the beauty trend, everyone who wants to look years younger is hooked to CBD Face Mask – CBD.

The question that could probably be on your mind is what difference does it make compared to other traditional face masks? Keep reading to find out the reasons why traditional face masks are still relevant to use and why CBD face masks are quite extraordinary and worth the buzz.

The New Era Of CBD – CBD Face Mask – CBD Water Pack Face Mask

Traditional Face Masks

Did you know that Cleopatra used a clay mask twice per week to maintain her beauty and cleanse her skin? The origin of face masks goes way back. This legendary skin care trend is known to offer a variety of benefits to the skin.

The reason why many people love face masks is the fact they are easy to apply and deliver instant results.  Whether you visit a spa or have a DIY face mask at home be assured to enjoy and experience the magic behind the masks.

Types and Benefits of Traditional Face Masks

Face masks can be applied according to the needs of the skin and desired results. Skin care regimes also depend on the type of skin and skin concerns.

Each different type of face mask has its purpose. Sheet masks are known to fix a dehydrated skin. Its fame originates from Korea and when combined with powerful ingredients such as coconut pulp or cellulose they help in skin transformation in a healthy way. Sheet masks are also famous giving the skin a glowing and replenished look.

Clay masks on the other hand, is one of the oldest form of rejuvenating and detoxifying the skin. They are known to open up the pores and removes impurities from the skin.

Overnight masks are known to do a Cinderella transformation by the time you wake up. The ingredients used in these beauty regimes have time to work on your skin as you sleep rewarding you with a glowing and radiant skin in the morning.

Peel off masks have the power to absorb excess oil, draw out impurities and exfoliate the skin. Teamed with vitamins and essential oils this mask will make you have a powerful testimony. When washed off, it leaves the skin fully cleansed and less dull.

Eye masks are excellent to remove blemishes, dark spots and get rid of puffiness around the eyes. Sign of aging and fatigue like dark circles, fine lines can be easily removed by an eye mask. Vitamins in the mask will encourage a supple and strong beautiful skin.

The New Era Of CBD – CBD Face Mask – CBD Water Pack Face Mask

The Power of Overnight Face Masks

What better time to use a face mask than when you are having your beauty sleep. Studies shows that at night when a sleep, the skin metabolism is very high and cell renewal increases.

As we sleep the body begins to repair and recover itself from any harm or strain that would have been caused throughout the day. Infused with nourishing and active ingredients, sleeping masks are known to be therapeutic and offer amazing nourishment to the skin.

To even get better results here are some ingredients that you can incorporate into an overnight face mask.

The New Era Of CBD – CBD Face Mask – CBD Water Pack Face Mask

Glycolic and Salicylic Acid

Glycolic and salicylic acid belong to the Alpha Hydroxy Acid family (AHA). Glycolic when infused into sleeping face pack helps to exfoliate the skin by breaking the bond between dead skin cells. Both acids do a good job to combat acne as well as some aging signs like fine lines and keeps pores clear.

Essential oils

When incorporated to an overnight mask, essential oils help to hydrate and replenish the skin. Rosemary and lavender oils are natural oxidative that helps keep free radicals away from damaging collagen. Their soothing effect is amazing to the skin.

Neroli and oil is extracted from raw bitter orange tree flowers and helps the skin to generate new skin cells and improves elasticity. Frankisence oil reduce appearance of sunspots and skin blemishes improving the skin tone.

Apricot and grape seed oils have high levels of vitamin E for skin rejuvenation, Apricot seed amazingly contains linoleic and oleic acid which are essential fatty acids for clear skin.

Wild rose oil helps to get rid of redness and soften fine lines scrubbing of the image of a dull looking skin.


Wondering what do juices have to do with a face mask? A lot! Lemon juice contains a lot of AHA’s and BHA’s which deal with skin discoloration, remove dead skins, and also clear acne.

Raspberry juice provides tightness and firmness in the skin and promotes collagen production making the skin appear youthful and firm. Uneven skin tone will be a thing of the past thanks to blueberry juice which evens the skin tone.

There are so many other ingredients you can add to a face mask having in mind what you desire to achieve.

So far so good we have seen that sleeping face masks when infused with other ingredients can do an amazing job to your skin. Let’s find out what would happen if CBD was added to the mix as well?

Benefits of CBD to Face Masks

Apart from relieving stress, trauma and anxiety away, CBD will make you feel like you are on vacation. CBD oil has a way of offering comfort and assuring good results to your skin.

Its inflammatory power soothes the skin and drives way irritations and discomforts of the skin. Dermatologists also speak good things about this extraordinary oil and agree it helps big time with the formation of free radicals to the skin.

Experiencing a CBD facial is so much more than a facial. Cannabidioil comes as a full package to all beauty products. A full spectrum of CBD oil together with a sleeping face mask will play a huge role to bringing wellness of your skin as well as body.

CBD doesn’t get you high it makes your skin and body healthy. It’s extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant mainly from the leaves and flowers.

Using products that have hemp seed oil is totally different from those that have actual CBD Phytocannabinoid. Allueur is a brand you can trust to give you products that do not use counterfeit ingredients.

Having in mind what CBD does to your anxiety, stress, mood and your whole wellbeing, let see the reasons a CBD face mask would be good for your face.

The New Era Of CBD – CBD Face Mask – CBD Water Pack Face Mask

Hydrating Power of CBD in Face Masks

CBD naturally contains a number of fatty amino acids which form a protective layer on the skin and good for quenching the skin’s thirst by moisturizing it.

The amino acids are also super helpful for ensuring the skin is not dehydrated and strengthens the cell membranes. CBD face mask also help keep the skin plumped making it radiant and youthful.

Calming Effect of CBD For Sensitive Skins

Try our CBD water pack face mask and experience the soothing power of CBD.

When it comes to contact with the human endocannabinoid, CBD has a relaxing effect that puts all the cares of the world away and takes you to the dream world. When face masks are incorporated with a CBD they calm even the most stubborn sensitive skin.

Skin diseases like acne and eczema caused by inflammation, our CBD water pack face mask will get rid of them as well as soreness, irritation, and redness of the skin.

Calming Effect of CBD For Sensitive Skins

Why Choose Our CBD Water Pack Sleeping Face Mask?

With the information above, it’s quite clear the many benefits offer to our skin. Our CBD face mask contains full spectre of cannabidiol oil. A lot has gone into testing and analyzing this amazing beauty masterpiece.

We assure that the CBD face mask is safe to use and isn’t messy to your pillowcase. It possesses all the characteristics that may help your skin improves it health and relieve any skin problems you may be experiencing.

Our CBD water pack face masks include components like plant extracted AHA’s to act as exfoliants, sensible drops of vitamin C and E to rejuvenate the skin from sun damage, good amounts of essential oil like sunflower, rosemary and lavender which are good oxidants for combatting skin problems, Ceramides that help the skin retain moisture.

Why Choose Our CBD Water Pack Sleeping Face Mask?

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After cleansing the skin, simply apply gently to a clean face and neck while massaging and sleep to your heart content. Peel off the mask in the morning followed by moisturizer.